Measure the Earth

by Dogs Eyes

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Kaitlyn-Chloe Brugger
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Kaitlyn-Chloe Brugger My favorite local band. Amazing group of guys, with some of the best stage presence I've ever seen. This album saved me from a really self destructive period of my life. Favorite track: Monument.
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released February 26, 2016



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Dogs Eyes Durham, North Carolina

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Track Name: Discarded
Apparitions roam the streets,
pass through the walls and the trees
Side to side, side to side
Empty shells of their former selves
Possessed by desire
Empty shells of their former selves
Driven forward
Nobody knows, nobody know how dry I am.
Nobody knows my sorrow.
When all you've got is the liqour in the glass
And a rough morning to follow
No one knows
The trouble I put myself through
Nobody knows my struggle
Discarded cigarettes line my trails
Trash like you and me- we belong together.
I've been discarded
Pick me up, put me out.
Track Name: Fallow
I came here for hope
For a home
A life of my own
I came here to make a name for myself
Worked my hands to the bone planting seeds, hoping for growth.
I made this place my own.
But the sun burnt the ground, the grass withered before my eyes.
The sun burnt the ground.
The grass withered.
It's been a year since I've seen the rain.
Since then, everything has changed.
The land is dead, there's no life on the farms.
My hope is gone.
Dust storms cover us,
Cover the sun.
Living hell.
I am my living hell.
Track Name: Serpent
Snake charmer, play me your notes.
Snake oil, poured down my throat.
Pied piper, lead them away.
Death, death, plague us with death.
We found out that your true colors are shades of grey and black.
The skin pulled over your skull has always been fake.
Show me your real face.
One day we're all gonna burn.
I just hope that you burn a little brighter.
Track Name: Circles
We keep making the same mistakes, over and over.
Trying to escape back to the start, before we really knew how this world worked.
Attempting to throw our ignorance back to the void, acting like we know.
Break process.
Track Name: Monument
Well you built it up
While we suffered underneath
Your corporate wallet is filled with nothing but death.
Death of the working class
Death of the common man
Death of the ones that you crushed beneath your feet.
Corporate wallet, filled with blood.
Brick by brick, you shut us out
Brick by brick, you pushed us down
Brick by brick, you gentrify
And brick by brick you profit.
I'm tired of all this money in your pocket
Driven from the hands
The hands of the working class.
Blood stained dollar bills, they line your wallet.
A monument to your success.
We'll throw bricks through your windows, we'll break down all your doors.
We'll throw bricks.
Track Name: Bastard
Bastard eyes.
Bastard lies.
Bastardize those bastard lies.
Look in his face, look in his eyes.
Bastard eyes, those bastard eyes.
Rip his back, break his spine.
Bastardize those bastard lies.
It's too late for an exit plan.
You've crossed the line and I'm done with you.
Make every excuse that you want.
So this what you think real love should be like?
Solely for gain, and no sacrifice?
You fooled me twice so fucking shame on me, shame on me.
Track Name: Admonisher
Pacing the room,
Fevered and nervous
Losing your footing.
Pacing the room
Shitting yourself
Losing your footing.
You've been riding on coattails
Pushing problems on everyone else
You never do it yourself
Leave your friends in the pit of hell.
Lie like you like it, you never do it yourself.
You lie like you like it.
Burden everyone.
Burden everyone but yourself.
Inchworm, forced to measure the earth, crawl on your stomach, crawl through the dirt.
Track Name: Sleep
Never spared from the pull of the void.
We will all meet the same six feet.
Rest in peaceful sleep.
The countenance of your memory drags me closer to your grave.
I cannot affect the way you leave, I can only accept its permanence.
But the hole it tears through me fills itself with black bile.
The water of sorrow, drowning me.
There is no peaceful sleep for those of us who remain.
So rest well in your grave, never to see the sun burn again.